Christian Education: To provide educational opportunities for equipping the people of God.

Congregational Care: To provide a sense of belonging and group identity by keeping our members informed. They organize the church luncheons, funeral
receptions, fellowship hour and cook for shut-ins.

Stewardship/Personnel : To provide tracking of income and expenditures, and report a financial plan and budget that sustains MPC's programs. To assist
the Session in fulfilling its responsibilities to and for all people employed by the church. To provide guidelines for counsel and support to the pastor and

Fellowship Time: Come enjoy "Fellowship" with coffee and treats being served in the fellowship hall after worship service.

Membership: To incorporate new members and visitors into the life of the church, thereby enhancing our life together.

Mission: To reach out to our community and the world at large in a way that demonstrates the love of God while assisting those in need.

Worship: To plan and oversee the design of corporate worship, allowing ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit providing time of sanctuary utilizing liturgy
which is meaningful and theologically sound.  

Communion: The Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. This is not a Presbyterian table; it is the Lord's table. The Lord Jesus
Christ invites all who have been baptized  to partake, including baptized children who are being taught the Word Of God and nourished by faith.