Memorial Presbyterian Church currently supports:  

Fredericksburg Food Pantry      Fredericksburg Good Samaritan Center      Habitat for
Boys & Girls Club of the H.C.          Hill Country Community Needs Council        
H.C.M.H.Chaplain Program   

Mission Presbytery              PCUSA Theological Education    Presbyterian Disaster
Mo Ranch                             John Knox Ranch       Presbyterian Border Region Outreach   
Presbyterian Children's Home    One Great Hour of Sharing             Joy Gift Contributions     

First Sunday of the month is... Food Pantry Donations and Loose Change Sunday
Just drop any change you have into the offering basket.
Proceeds will benefit the Presbyterian micro-loans for women  
entrepreneurs in third world countries

Memorial Presbyterian Church appreciates your Stewardship. Thank you for all that you do to
support the ministries through education, action & finical giving.
Blessings & peace
Service for the Lord's Day is held every Sunday at 11:00 am. We invite you to come and worship
with us. A positive, loving, nursery and children's ministry is available.  

The Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first
Sunday of every month.